Teams confirmed for next season

Coventry Tornadoes have registered teams in junior and adult leagues at a local and regional level for the 2020-21 season.

On a national level, the team will play in Under-12s, Under-14s and Under-16s ages in the NBL.

In the YBL, there will be teams at the Under-9s level, as well as the Under-11s, Under-13s, Under-15s and Under-17s.

And for the adult teams, the Tornadoes will be represented twice in the Warwickshire Basketball League.

Published by Huw Hopkins

Grew up in Pontypridd, South Wales with the greatest family anyone could ask for, adding to that the greatest friends possible it made for a good puberty which is rare in most people. Went to University in Plymouth, South West England and studied Creative Writing with Drama. Lived in Prague as a city tour guide enjoying life to the next level until a girl comes along and changes all previous meanings of happiness. Now living in Leamington Spa building a life.

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