2019-20 season awards

Under-9s – Iain Gillespie

MVP – Niki Basioudis
Most Improved – Kian Romero
Defensive Player – Airon Detubio
Sportsmanship – Dominik Nowak
Coach’s Player – Safeenah Jamil

Under-11s – Martin Taylor

MVP – Lewis Taylor
Most Improved – Jack Hampson
Sportsmanship – Callum Protheroe
Defensive Player – Connor Platt-May
Coach’s Player – Harry Woods

Under-13s Development – Martin Taylor

MVP – Corey Sambrooks
Most Improved – Zico Sandhu
Sportsmanship – George Jones
Defensive Player – Jaden Woolcock
Coach’s Player – Mohamad Tarawally

Under 13s – Ilias Basioudis

MVP – Philip Basioudis
Most Improved – Elliott Daniel
Sportsmanship – Rory McGregor
Defensive Player – Romani Reid
Coach’s Player – Ben Pilkington

Under-15s Development – Paul Adams, Jamil Saleem

MVP – Daniel Endersby
Most Improved – Sully
Sportsmanship – Halim Mead
Defensive Player – Rhamani
Coach’s Player – Roman

Under-15s – Paul Adams, Jamil Saleem

MVP – Jerome
Most Improved – David
Sportsmanship – Kian
Defensive Player – Renesh
Coach’s Player – Ollie

Under-16s – Paul Adams, Andy Ransberry

MVP – Arun
Most Improved – Finn
Sportsmanship – Joe
Defensive Player – Jamie
Coach’s Player – Tyreese

Under-17s – Bryce Payne, Roger Payne

MVP – Amandeep Shergill
Most Improved – Jack Bennett
Defensive Player – Grace Edogiawere
Sportsmanship – Ryan Alexander
Coach’s Player – Issy Potter

Under-18s – Roger Payne, Bryce Payne

MVP – Tommie Olubisi
Most Improved – Edward Hillman
Defensive Player – Jamie Bull
Sportsmanship – Will Smith
Coach’s Player – Mirche Rabrolaviev

Men’s – Huw Hopkins

MVP – Michael Stokes
Most Improved – Samaro Perry-Huggins
Defensive Player – David Relf
Sportsmanship – Sebastian Capitani
Coach’s Player – Simon Blake

Published by Huw Hopkins

Grew up in Pontypridd, South Wales with the greatest family anyone could ask for, adding to that the greatest friends possible it made for a good puberty which is rare in most people. Went to University in Plymouth, South West England and studied Creative Writing with Drama. Lived in Prague as a city tour guide enjoying life to the next level until a girl comes along and changes all previous meanings of happiness. Now living in Leamington Spa building a life.

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